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Number plates small big legal or not
Topic Started: Jul 11 2018, 04:04 PM (83 Views)
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lost my plate this morning going to work :goodgrief: i think it was about 7x7 ish i never measured it so not 100% but i get a new one from a motor factors lmao the legal size plate when touching the exhaust is about 2 inch left of centre so i cut 1/2 inch off the exhaust side but it still is way off centre because of the pipe :what: what size plates are you running without it melting all over the pipe ! i have had a look on ebay for show plates 7x5 looks not to small but iv seen a long tapered 1 with 2 letters on each line and 3 on the bottom and because its narrow is well away from the pipe just a bit longer anyone using 1 of these and has plod let you carry on using it if you have had a pull !
why did ccm put the pipe in the way of the plate ! sheesh...
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Charlie Big Banana's
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I use a 7x5,
If it aint sharp I can play with it
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6x5 on mine but as a retired police officer friend of mine said only last night, 'Just looking at your bike with its illegal number plate'. He did also add, I shouldn't worry about it. I will quote him if I get stopped. However, no number plate cameras on the roads in Jersey yet, all speed checks are manned so maybe they aren't so bothered, also no MOTs to fail. :)
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Look on ebay i use a small flexiplate and gave a legal one gor mot time....
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I know the temptation for a smaller plate and if I lived down a country lane and knew my local plod, that's what I'd have. The legal size is 9x6.5 and a 9x7 was fitted onto one of my bikes without fouling the exhaust. These sizes are incongruous and ugly. I compromised on 8x6 because I ride around London and don't want excuses for fines. Technically that size does not allow for correct spacing but you can fit full and legal size lettering on it and it looks better than the legal monster.
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