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644 DS/R30 parts and possible R30 for sale
Topic Started: Apr 9 2018, 10:03 PM (511 Views)
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Evening all,

So there is a story to all these parts and the bike which I will explain before I list the bits!

In May 2011 I brought a 644 DS that needed work to be road ready, did the required work and had a good few months riding round. In Sept of 2011 I lost a tooth on 4th gear, stripped the engine/gearbox and replaced the gear. In Oct 2011 I had a pretty nasty crash and the bike was written off.

I loved my DS and the short time we had together was great, albeit short lived. Cue 2014 and I was best man and we decided to do a road trip of the Pyrenees. Having not got enough out of the DS I found an R30 for sale and rode through France, round the Pyrenees and back again. That was enough, I MOT'd it once more after returning but didn't ride it and it has sat in the garage for the last year with no MOT/TAX. The 'need' for me to have the CCM was done and I now think it's time to sell her to someone who will use her.

With the above I have quite a few parts from the DS still as I kept the bike and have the whole R30 I need to sell. I think it would be easier if all the parts went with the bike but as I know these parts aren't the easiest things to come by I can also sell separately. All parts need a really good clean!

Location: Cornwall - I travel up country rarely but willing to post where possible. I also have friends/family who might be willing to meet people as well.

As in order as I can with the pics...

PICS -Pictures of parts and Bike

Airbox tubing to carbs
Green thing for chain (New & Used)
Engine Oil Pipe
Airbox lid (damaged)
Oil Rad (Damaged - see pics)
Carburetor - Needs bottom screws replacing as has cheese screws
Starter Motor (bit rusty)
Chain Tensioner
Wiring Loom (mostly original, indicators ends I think are different?)
Exhaust mid section (crack on mounting point)

Engine mount(?)
Bash Plate (some damage near letters)
WP Shock - Not sure what bike this is off, it is NOT the 644
Exhaust - Standard can?
Rear mount thing for DS (cracked but looks weldable - needs painting)
Rear yellow plastics for 644 (used)
Single yellow side panel 644 (used)
New rear yellow plastics (new)
New Black side panels - No decals (New)
644 Rear Wheel - Only the rear as the front was destroyed in the crash

1. ContiSport 120/70 (2305) - Looks old? - Some tread, possibly too old anyway.
2.Diablo Rosso II 120/60 (0912) - Some tread, this was replaced before France 'just in case'
3. Diablo Rosso II ??/?? (0912) - Some tread, again replaced before France.

Frame - Contains VIN stamp - has some damage to rear of the headstock part and the fuel tank mounting points. Pics show as best as possible.
Handle bar - Rethal FatBar - Needs good clean!

Gearbox parts - rusty so not sure they are any use :( These were a pain for me to find and I'm annoyed I didn't store them better, I though I had left them in oil but it seems that I didn't
Rear mounting thing for DS (CDI sits on it) - damaged, see pics

Yellow fork protector - Used
Chain guard - DS - Used
Fusebox cover - Damaged on a screw hole, see pics.

Assorted stuff:
Sump Plug - New
Oil filters - new
O-Rings - new - assorted (No idea whats what now!)
See pics for part numbers

Rear caliper, master cylinder, foot peg and wiring - used but should still work
Coil pack - Used
Starter switch - wiring damaged and kill switch damaged, see pics
Indicator/lights switch - horn button damaged, stuck in by the looks of things.
Top bar for handle bars - holds the handle bars in(?) will include with bar if so.
Lock Stop - Used
Top Yoke - damage to the yoke hole, see pics
Front caliper - no master cylinder and screw looks broken, see pics
Chain runner - was new on the DS for about 3 months
Rear light - LED and no idea if it fits without a mount... I think it used to have one.
Gear changer - from the DS
Side Stand - no sensor but looks OK, needs paint.
Top engine mount bars(?)
Front Sprocket cover - used, from DS
Headlight clips(?)
Bottom Yoke - Looks broken beyond repair to me but not sure if the bar is replaceable(?)
DS Swinging Arm - couldn't see any damage but needs a good clean. It did have new bearings in the front but it seems seized atm, will update if I get chance to try and free them up
WP Rear shock in pieces - I have what I think is a full shock with a broken bottom eyelet but in many pieces. I used the eyelet from this one (DS) on the R30. Can provide more pics if anyone is interested.

644 Engine - This is damaged and I think only good for stripping spares out of. The casing are totally f****d and would need replacing before this could even be entertained. The parts inside should be OK though. The piston, head, cams etc should all be fine and I'm pretty sure I put a new clutch on it when I rebuilt 4th gear so has had less than 1 month riding! Front sprocket also won't come off, screw is jammed on. Gearbox should be OK. Basically could be a good donor engine, let me know if you need specific parts and I'll see what I can do.

Fuel Tank - The yellow DS tank is on the R30 atm as it was larger for the France trip but will probably sell with the carbon fiber R30 tank. If so there will be a Yellow DS tank for sale as well.

Brand new upgraded bottom eye for WP Shock! - This is the upgraded eyelet that WhiteBuck had made. I ended up finding one from a user on here but never got it fitted to the shock! Brand new with seals etc!

Brand new 525 Xring chain - I got one of these before my trip to France, had issues fitting the chain myself with riveting the link on, got a new link on ebay for the WRONG chain, took bike to garage, removed link I had mucked up, new link didn't fit and as I had to go to France in 1 day I had to buy a whole chain to get the link! Needs a new rivet link as the one from this one is on the R30!

I think that's about it for parts, I have no idea how to price these and more seeing if anyone wants them! If you have any questions about any parts or want more pics please ask and I can try and provide, there is way too much here to go into detail about everything!


Picked up by me in 2014 so I could ride round the Pyrenees. Was stolen recovered, V5 etc present with me. 5000km !indicated! SEE BELOW

Has the CCM 'Race' can on it and jetted to suit (came from the DS) and carbs have the 'upgraded' screws in etc. Also K&N filter (I think) fitted... might have a foam filter somewhere as well come to think of it...

The Bad:
The speedo has never worked - I got a new cable but still no joy, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't although most of the time it doesn't. It's climbed from around 3500 to 5000 in the time I had it but considering I put 2000 miles on it during the France trip I wouldn't like to say it's totally accurate!
Fairings are damaged and will need replacing to bring her back to former glory
Engine casings are starting to oxidize
Headlight is not standard - had no headlight when I bought it
Fuel tank has cosmetic damage as well

The Good:
Wheels are in good nick!
Starts and runs 1st time, every time. - I got her out yesterday, changed the fuel line as it had perished, choke on, started even with the battery going flat. Left on idle for 30 mins, revved up a few times, no issues.

She needs a lot of TLC, I was going to do the work but, as I said above, after the France trip I no longer felt the need to own a CCM and had done what I needed to after the crash so she went into the garage and was hardly ever used after. I think I got her MOT'd in 2015 and 2016 but didn't last year as I think the only mileage in 2016 was to the garage and back again.

Any questions please let me know and I'll post a link to a OneDrive album here once I've got it sorted.

PICS -Pictures of parts and Bike

Under Offer \ Sold

CDI from DS - works on R30 as well(?) - Monty - Provisionally Sold[
WP Front Shocks - Needs new seals. Off the DS so full height. Travel on them seems fine. Some damage to brake mounting point screw hole, see pics. - JC - Provisionally Sold
Rear Subframe - needs painting - can't see any cracks - JC - Provisionally Sold
Edited by Dougiebabe2003, Apr 13 2018, 10:54 AM.
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pm sent
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Replied :)
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PM sent
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Sorry for delay but responded to all now.

I'll keep the top thread updated with what bits are under discussion/sold/posted etc.

Edit: Added Location
Edited by Dougiebabe2003, Apr 13 2018, 10:53 AM.
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PM sent
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Sorry for lack of comms to some people.

I'm currently in talks with someone regarding taking everything as a job lot.

I'll keep the thread updated if the sale goes through and if not then I'll respond to other PM's.
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PM sent....
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airbox for 644 plus the 2 connecting tubes would be useful. Still for sale?
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