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is there a trick to compress cam chain adjuster once removed
Topic Started: Dec 30 2017, 01:48 PM (202 Views)
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As above i have removed cam chain adjuster to replaced leaking gasket and now seems too long to go back in i have tried giving it a gentle squeeze with a big G clamp seems solid and i dont want to break anything :what: iv loosened the nut off or do i have to remove the outer bolt completely to get it to compress back in, i need 1/2 inch ish and jobs a goodun lol i wish :worthy:

nearly for got '52 644 R30

Aha found this vid on youtube for the dr650 :dirtbike:

remove/replace cam chain adjuster
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You need to remove the bolt on the outside, then use a small scredriver to wind in the piston, hold in with screwdriver till fitted and bolted, then let go of driver and piston will fly out, tighten bolts and replace end bolt, you need 3 hands but its possible

Hope you did this on TDC, and not turned engine at all
Edited by Monty, Dec 30 2017, 02:12 PM.
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Err tdc err no lol. But its all back together and runs as it did so alls good.
That vid explained it thank guwd coz i was going to give it the beans in the vice lol.
You can tell its 1st time iv ever taken the adjuster out since iv had the bike as i thought it just went straight back in but no.
When i seen the oil all over the other day and on my boot i had the hair on me kneck stand up i thought it might of been the base gasket AGAIN eeek.
Thanks for the info Monty....
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