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Spedo diagnoses
Topic Started: Nov 12 2016, 01:27 PM (282 Views)
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My speedo stopped working .. checked speedo drive and at first glance looks okay and lugs not smashed . . Bought a new speedo cable from venhill . Speedo still not working . Spin the cable by hand and the needle In the speedo moves , so it can't be the spedo itself right ?? Will take the speedo drive off and just double check .
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Mine stuck at 35 and wouldn't return. The trip worked but pointer was stuck. Checked out all the usual things and determined speedo was knackered. I managed to contact MMB and they supplied with me with a new 1. Not cheap but worth it. If you want contact details, pm me. Be careful if you decide to replace the unit, there are 2 available depending on wheel (spokes or alloys). My bike now needs to be run in according to speedo!!! :what:
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